WILD DOGS - THE RING OF BLOOD (McComa Entertainmant/Sanders)


I'd like to take you all back to 1988 and the release of US Metal outfit Gargoyle entitled "Nothing Is Sacred", released through New Renaissance. Awesome and very legendary album to me due to lots of talented skills it had on board. Gargoyle had a unique vocalist in its ranks named Tim Lachman, a man with a memorable, high pitched way of singing. His brother Patrick (later on member of bands such as Damageplan / Halford /...) joined forces with the band to play the bass duties after guitarist Kevin Sanders left for some personal reasons. 

About Kevin I can tell you that, during his time with Gargoyle, he was in for both incredible riffings and solo works like real professionals did those days. As soon as his guitar was plugged in, there was Metal magic in the air! To me, Gargoyle release "Nothing Is Sacred" is still one of my all time US Metal for sure but why telling you the story of Gargoyle while making a review of another superb US Metal band named Wild Dogs? 

Well, workaholic and singer in several bands Matt McCourt could make a deal with some of the original Gargoyle guys to record a new Wild Dogs album entitled "The Ring Of Blood". Ex-Gargoyle guitar shredder Kevin Sanders wrote all the songs of this album which contains 8 songs, most of them actually reworked Gargoyle songs. One song, originally entitled as "Ayrean Diplomacy" (lyrics written by Tim Lachman back then) now is calling "American Way" for personal reasons as Matt told me. 

Playing a completely unknown Wild Dogs album fulfilled with 90 percent of 80s Gargoyle tunes. Some of the titles are a bit changed but typical and very reminiscent are the guitar skills of genius shredder named Kevin Sanders. No one has a sound like Tim Lachman (Gargoyle) so his voice differs a lot from the throat of Matt McCourt but...They're different in style but the voice qualities both of the guys have in their might are quite the same. 

Tim sounded melodical / high pitched and Matt's voice spitting a form of pure US Metal force, less high pitched but he's a brilliant singer in my opinion. All the things he did in the past such as doing producing works, singing in numerous other bands or project... keep going on Matt! Vancouver native Dave Kendall entered the Wild Dogs ranks and took behind his drumkit for the recordings of "The Ring Of Blood", just like a guy from Portland named Doug Smith did to share his professional bass duties with all the other brothers who worked along to create this brilliant piece of US Metal music.

There is one cover track entitled "Sails Of Charon" on this effort, you know that legendary song of early Scorpions (from the album "Taken By Force '77) featuring the almighty Uli Jon Roth on guitars those days. Wild Dogs plays this track with a lot of passion and inner feelings from both guitar shredders Kurt James (Dr Mastermind) and Neil Turbin (ex-Anthrax singer), actually a tribute to one of the greatest Rock bands ever. You never can reach the quality of an original version but the version of this classic one is played with so much great musical skills by Wild Dogs, I'm totally thrilled with the result of it. Believe me on my word, absolutely fantastic! 

My opinion about "The Ring Of Blood" is that Matt McCourt and his companions surprises me once again and I'm damn sure it'll happen again in the near future. This guy and his current Wild Dogs line up spitting flame and fire while making US Metal music to the extreme. They gonna have a ball and surely able surprising each and every True Metal maniac on planet earth. These guys are wearing belts of incredible musical experiences and awesome skills since a very long time, let that be clear. Natural born US Metal legends they really are to me! 

US Metal maniacs should buy this release without hesitating. There's is no way out, just order at: 
www.usmetal.com  or  http://cdbaby.com/cd/wilddogs8    

My Points: 93 / 100