WILD DOGS - WILD DOGS ...Final Edition With 7 Bonus Tracks (US Metal Records)


My first touch with Wild Dogs was many years ago, somewhere in the beginning of the almighty eighties period. Head of an American record label, MR. Mike Varney brought real US Heavy Metal in all its glory with incredible guitar shredding maniacs to the people with a few compilation albums entitled "US Metal", and numerous other great releases. I still remember those early 80s days just like it was yesterday. As far as I can remember there were four editions of the US Metal compilation albums featuring the most brilliant bands hanging out back then. 

Well, one of them was Wild Dogs who took me by the throat with the song "The Tonight Show". The band had a serious impact on my heart and soul and I knew that these guys gonna make it within the category of pure US Metal music! Is it all became reality? You better believe it, Wild Dogs kept going on in a very outstanding way. Great voices of Matt Mcccourt and Jeff Mark's guitar works cuts through flesh and bone really. Behind drums we had Deen Castronova and bass lines were handled by Danny Kurth. On the original version of Wild Dogs' self-entitled album (released in 1982 and produced by the band themselves), there’s only but awesome material to enjoy !

Wild Dogs, formed one year before, surprised us all with a unique force music named US Metal. During their early days of existence, Wild Dogs had some other canons in its ranks who played later on in other bands like Malice, Black'n' Blue, Dr. Mastermind, etc. Besides the original songs of Wild Dogs' debut album, you'll find some real rare stuff on the album, mostly demo material never heard before and must have for all old school Metal maniacs on planet earth. 

Legendary singer Matt Mccourt is the main guy who makes this final CD edition for real and it's a killer one in every point of view. Worth to mention is that Matt is still a very busy person in the world of Metal music. He was and still is involved in numerous other bands but check the CD reviews section to real more about that. Matt delivers excellent works, even after so many years so great job and keep going on brother! Conclusion: You've gotta have this Wild Dogs CD version in your own possession for sure! 

The original songs plus at least seven bonus songs which are very rare and precious to the bone. Just buy or order by the grace of the glorious US Metal scene. There is more to find on my site here, so look around and convince yourself how fantastic this for of Metal music really is. I keep on supporting the US Metal scene as good as possible because it makes me feels good and i hope most of you'll do the same! More info to order at: 

My Points: 96 / 100