Once and a while a band suddenly appears to release a masterpiece and vanish again forever. I can name several bands that blew me away in my career as a Metal head and they faded away afterwards. Ambeon, Outworld, Throes Of Sanity, Oracle (Florida), Oliver Magnum to name a few. All had several reasons for disbanding but I keep on wondering how a follow-up album should have sounded. I worship their releases and they belong to the best Metal albums ever written but mostly they’re unknown to the world and that’s a pity. Realize that people who own these gems are fortuned because they had the chance to discover them …  


A band that fits perfect in this row is Wycked Synn from Arizona / USA. In 2003 they released an album that turned its spins for months at my place, only to say how impressed I was by them. Also my wife adores this release and once and a while she’s asking me for it. Ever since I have read that the band had plans to release a second album but nothing happens, I even fear we will never again hear from them. Am I wrong? I desperately hope so because this is without any doubts one of the best albums of the last decade! 


Wycked Synn delivers so much beauty, in music, in vocals and in lyrics and that’s the reason I am so fond of this band. They mix these elements with powerful and ultra melodic rhythm sessions. Add one after another spectacular, even stunning guitar solo and I hope I received all of your attention now. The album takes off with a fantastic instrumental piece, reminding me to Vicious Rumors in their “Digital Dictator” era. Geoff Thorpe’s band is as a matter of fact a very good point of similarity. Also bands like Warrior, old Dokken and Leatherwolf are crossing my mind every time I listen to this precious stone. “Tell The Tale” represents you the singer of this band, Gary Grant! 


Talking about Gary Grant I can tell you he is a very remarkable Heavy Metal singer, unknown and that’s such a shame! The warmth of his voice is mind blowing, his vocal lines, the variation in his voice and his screams are all out of space! This man contains a voice that is able to express multiple emotions! What a fantastic and unique vocalist! Meanwhile some fantastic Heavy Metal is blowing through my headphone and I keep playing it loud because Wycked Synn obliges me to! And these guitars by Ken Orth; shredding all the way, fast fingered solos that touches your soul so easily; delivering one after another, cold shiver! 


“Let it rain” might be one of the best Metal duets I have ever heard… To me this is the only duet that can compete with “Sister Mary” at Queensryche’s “Operation: Mindcrime” where Geoff Tate had one of his best performances ever, along with the fantastic Pamela Moore. I know most of you know this song and if you adore it I am sure “Let It Rain” will leave you speechless behind too! It also proves Wycked Synn contains first class songwriters. The female voices on this song are by Kimberley Ledesma, Gary Grant’s wife! What a fantastic voice! What a superb song! I promise you the cold shivers will make part of you and tears will flow…but let them rain! Without any doubt this is the ultimate highlight on this release, although to me this release is full of great moments!  


Even though this is the band’s debut you will hear the members must be experienced. Searching their names on the Internet I can’t find out in which bands these guys played before or even after. Will they ever release something new? I believe they once presented a front cover for a new album but it stays too silent around Wycked Synn if you would ask me. That’s such a shame when you hear tracks like “If you say goodbye”, “In my mind” and “Unchosen Path”, all songs with strong lyrics and again… fantastic musical performances by every single member! If you’d witness the instrumental “K.M.A.” I promise you an eargasm; this song can hook up with instrumentals like “Dr. Scary” (Dokken) and “The Day At Guyana” (Agent Steel) - without any doubts the best instrumental Metal songs ever!  


What a devastating album, one that could have been a milestone in its style if the band would have been supported much stronger! This was love at first sight, an album that made it to my favorites from the very first time I have ever heard it. I am totally in this kind of heartbreaking yet powerful and technical played songs!  


This masterpiece is a lust for fans of the bands I’ve mentioned before. I am quite sure, everyone who’s ignorant by the band will be easily seduced by Wycked Synn. Try to find this piece of art and surf to http://www.myspace.com/wyckedsynn 


My Points: 99 / 100