Back in 1984 a man called Yngwie Malmsteen released a self titled album that became a historical point in the Heavy Metal movement.  The reason why is pretty obvious, with this album no one could ever say again that Heavy Metal was just some uncontrolled noisy music. With this record Malmsteen proved that the best of modern musicians were, and still are, playing Heavy Metal. At least he showed the world how catchy Metal could be and how close this genre was to classical music. It was the perfect album to show all criticasters, including my parents, the beauty of the electric guitar sound.  It was a record that could take everybody's ignorance away.


I can't say Malmsteen did something refreshing back then because there was so much to discover in our scene and most releases sounded new and exciting. At that point all Metal freaks were in the ban of the NWOBHM movement and the first thrashers. The self entitled CD felt on earth like a true bomb and for sure it was the start of exploring subgenres in Metal music. Yngwie Malmsteen wasn't new in the scene because he also was the guitar player of a band called Steeler and he was a member on the first Alcatrazz record. 


With this innovating release Malmsteen started his own band and became the most influencing classical guitar player of the Heavy Metal scene. The beauty of the acoustic intro was devastating and was enough to receive every listener's attention. The instrumental song 'Black Star' was unbelievable original, kept me astonished behind and as a matter of fact it remains a memorable song. The virtuosic guitars are so imposing no one can disagree with the fact that Malmsteen is one of the best guitar players on earth. He brings his guitar to life and often I wondered if this man has more fingers than we do. Classical schooled and extremely talented this man was ready to conquer the world, the reviews about this disc supported this statement.


Only two songs are with vocals, 'Now Your Ships Are Burned' and 'As Above, So below' but that doesn't mean this album is boring. On the contrary the instrumental arrangements are full of emotions and are so perfectly played that even after all these years I still can't believe my ears. Another highlight is 'Icarus Dream Suite', pure classical music in a Metal version, dazzling, brilliant, incomparable, magical, and superb! It is a song that makes me proud of being a fan of Metal, the most diverse and most skilled of the present music scene. The CD continues and stays impressive, a must for every guitar lover and Metal fanatic!


Yngwie Malmsteen continued his career and the first albums he released were absolute awesome. The band became immense popular and headlined a lot of tours and festivals. Malmsteen's group was 'hot' but it only lasted a few years. The man, with a too big ego, changed his line up too much and seemed a difficult man to work with. There were rumors about alcohol and drugs and all these ingredients made him loose the feeling with reality. The reality was that his albums didn't convince the scene anymore and only the fans kept on supporting him. That's a pity because Malmsteen could have been victorious and could have made part of the chosen few who still rule the Metal scene. It didn't work out this way and although he released a few other 'classic ones' he is a bit dated nowadays.


Yngwie Malmsteen deserves all respect for what he meant to the history of Heavy Metal. His talents and capabilities as a song writer, especially in the 80's, were unseen and made him THE Guitar God. I'm still hoping for a few releases from the same quality as the early albums and with a stable line up. After all this years the fans deserve this.


My points: 100 / 100