NEW EDEN - SOLVING FOR X (Pure Steel Records)


                          (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

Horacio Colmenares found this band after his departure from Steel Prophet, around 1993. Through the years he worked with so many members to keep New Eden alive, that it’s hard to believe that this band still exists. The new album is called ‘Solving For X’, and we get to know the new vocalist Rod Arias for the first time. His predecessors are not the least: Rick Mythiasin (ex-Pantera, ex-Redemption, ex-Taraxacum, ex-Agent Steel), Michael Grant (ex-Cypher Seer, Crescent Shield, ex-Onward), James Rivera (ex-Vicious Rumors, ex-Seven Witches, ex-Destiny’s End, …etc…) and Victor Vaca.

Anyway, this fourth album has Rod in the line up, who sang in Recon before. The vocals are in the same tradition since the start of New Eden, but the musical direction on this new output is much more aggressive than it used to be. Some songs have killer riffs including double bass drums and a lot of power. The bombastic change isn’t bad at all, but might be striking for the original New Eden fans. The band states that this is their European approach without leaving their traditional roots.

Opener of the new album is “Anthem Of Hate” and you will get the point immediately! This song is brutal from the very first second, has a great riff and the vocals are important in the melody line. This is a typical US Metal track with some high pitched vocal outbursts and a great structure! Needless to say that the guitar solo of Horacio is brilliant, and together with Luis Sandoval on Bass and Jimmy Schultz on Drums we have a solid rhythm section. As New Eden is a four member band, it’s not obvious that the sound is massive, as Horacio is taking care of all guitars. The second track on ‘Solving For X’ starts with some guitar shredding, followed by a deadly riff. Jesus, this is just awesome! “Flames For Hades” has more melody in the chorus line, but is extremely heavy and deadly! The strings are screeching all the time and that’s exactly how we love it! The third track is called “Brainless” and that’s totally diverse compared with the first two tracks. Perhaps, this is the track that has the European approach, like mentioned on the info sheet. The vocals have a little Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) resemblance without being annoying. It’s just to the limit…

We already had some killer riffs, but the best is yet to come! “Unsolved Aggressions” is a real neckbreaker and I’m sure that this will become a live monster! I have a real moshpit in my mind while I’m listening to this aggressive masterpiece! The album continues with great ‘power meets speed metal’ and although they wanted to create an European album, I need to say that this album is one massive part of American metal. Europe is still far away..

The most extreme song on this new album is the final track “Three Words”. Some will skip it as it has nothing to do with the 10 previous tracks. I wonder why they add such a dragoon on a metal album. “Three Words” would fit on a prog album from the seventies, and might be a good choice in a smoky nightclub. The only thing that this track proves is the vocal capacity of Rod. This man can sing, that’s for sure, and with this, all is said about this track. Next time, it would be better to compose a ballad and order it in the middle in between some fast as a shark tunes! I’m a little disappointed, as the wait was almost 10 years since the previous album…

My rating: 82 / 100