(Review by Officer Nice)


Vicious Rumors toured last year with their new singer and I missed their show in Holland, to hear afterwards their new singer is amazing. That’s the exact reason I ordered this release at once and it didn’t take ten seconds before I was listening to it in my car. I was overwhelmed although I didn’t had the feeling I was listening to the new Vicious Rumors… Cage, Judas Priest, Winters Bane etc. were crossing my mind but Vicious Rumors? No, not exactly. Oh yes, I heard spectacular guitars and outstanding vocals but Vicious Rumors? No, not in particular! This can’t be! Help, what happened? I didn’t know what to think, how to feel because what I was listening to sounded fantastic, even brilliant….but is this Vicious Rumors?


The only solution to solve this problem is to take a listen with a headphone, time after time… and it helped. Suddenly the light appeared and the ‘aha erlebnis’ (aha experience) was soon there! Oh yes, I hear the typical hooks, the original riffs, the emotional fast fingered guitar solos, the distinctive twin guitars, the characteristic refrains... Oh yes, I clearly hear Vicious Rumors now in a way I didn’t hear them in so many years! Oh yes, I hear the kind of arrangements I used to adore in albums like “Digital Dictator”, “Word Of Mouth” and “Vicious Rumors”! Oh yes, this must be one of the best records the band had ever released, for sure since 1988! And oh-my-fucking-God, this one will end very high in my year list! Not one single weakness but 10 killer songs I keep on listening to!


Allow me to spend now a few words to the new singer because he’s the key to my enthusiasm! Mister Brian Allen! This man refreshes Vicious Rumors and makes them sound as they should sound…as a first class US Power Metal band! The vocal sound is perfect to me because I hear strong clear vocal lines and Godlike high pitched screams…as a first class US Power Metal band! Brian Allen contains an emotional voice and knows the secret to bring the listener under his spell. Geoff Thorpe and Kiyoshi Morgan are playing along perfectly and one after another luminous and virtuosity minded guitar solo is heading my way! Vicious Rumors is back and sounds again as they should sound! Fast and slow, all the time empowered by outstanding drum parts, heavy loaded bass guitars and razor sharp riffs!


The mixture between progressive elements, thrashy arrangements and traditional Heavy Metal tunes are back…along with a singer who’s a blessing for the band! Hopefully the band will take care of him because I believe the perfect replacer for Carl Albert is finally found. Not that the man sounds like Carl (he’s closer to Tim Owens) but it was a long time ago the band sounded so overpowering and this has a lot to do with this new singer! I will see the band in a few weeks at the Keep It True festival but I expect an old school Vicious Rumors show. It must be because Carl’s son will be the vocalist for this gig.


At the bands official site there’s already announced the band will appear at the next edition of Alcatraz Metal Festival in Belgium (27th of August 2011)! If nothing goes wrong they will actually be there with the new line-up and I hope them to play the entire new album! Why? Because this is already a classic album right now ! This is a bomb, an earth shake the Scale Of Richter can’t read, another prove that US Power Metal still rules!!! Next to the new Jag Panzer this is just how I want my Metal to sound and more is to come this year…


My Points: 98 / 100